A local satirist has spoken about his work and the worthwhile contribution he feels he is making. “I just feel at this time, when America is so divided and we’re heading towards possibly the biggest election of our lifetime, the most important thing I can do is write snarky headlines about both sides.”

“While others are doing their part by protesting an authoritarian, fascist government, or helping the poor and desolate during a time of unprecedented hardship for this country, I’m making up little jokes about Joe Biden being a little bit slow in his old age. I really feel I’m making a difference,” he said in between laughing at his own jokes.

“I think anyone who makes a stand for anything is fair game. As is anyone who compromises on anything. Or anyone doing something they don’t want to but are forced to because of the ugly nature of politics. But I would never use my writing to inflict harm. That’s why I won’t ever satirise other satirists. There are some lines you just don’t cross.” He added, “I can sleep soundly at night knowing I’ve made a difference in this world if I’ve written something that might stop someone from voting for the lesser of two evils. But if I were to write something that might in any way hurt another writer’s feelings – especially if that writer is dedicated to the noble cause of shitting on people actually trying to make a difference – well, I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in the mirror. Not that my mother’s basement has mirrors, of course, but you get the point.”

Wrong Impressions is of course satire. The real world is much crazier.

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