Former President Barack Obama gave an interview to NBC last Saturday, during which he looked back on his presidency and also ahead to the November election.

“What I miss most (about being president) are the drone strikes. God, they were fun. I used to fly remote control planes when I was younger – drone strikes are a lot like that; Except for all the innocent foreign people dying.”

Obama added that the Republican party weren’t a fan of his drone strikes “Republicans prefer the whole invasion angle with American boots on the ground. I like drones – You can watch PBS at the same time as you watch the bombs land. But each to their own. Both are good.”

When asked about Biden’s chances in November’s election against President Trump, Obama responded “I think he’ll win. But either way, soon enough he’ll be moving into a large home with lots of people to look after him. So I think Joe will be just fine.”

Wrong Impressions is of course satire. The real world is much crazier.

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